Different Categories of Flavored Beers

There are seven different categories of flavored beers that you’ll need to be aware of and to avoid further confusion, here are the following.

1. Crisp- beers that are under these categories have cleaner in flavor, lighter and are crispy fresh. Its colors are ranging from straw to amber, and this has an abv of low to medium. Its body comes in light to medium as well. This has a delicate fruit and is not hoppy or malty. This has a little bit flavors of apple, pear, and berries that come from an ale yeast.

Malt-accented style- this doesn’t have fruit or an amount of spices aromatics. It also showcases a milder type of hop profile more than a Pilsner. Most of these brews do demonstrate a bready which is almost a biscuit, malt flavor which also includes a crisp type of disposition.

Brisk hop- this comes with a more emphatic regiment hop which comes from a German to Czech hops (these are also known as the Noble hops). This a result of a refreshing brew and crisp that are drier which also includes a snappier finishing. This has ingredients such as herbal spices and floral aromas.

2. Hop- this type of brew comes in a flavor of aromas that are delicious and has a more pronounced type of bitterness that is derived from an amount of generous hops. This is endowed with the richness of the hops. This type of brews does have the strong and intense contribution of flavors. Most of these beers range to the full body of yellow to brown that also has a low to high abv.

Dry and earthy- it has a lighter, drier type of malt which are also hay-like, earthy, grassy and woody kinds of hop flavors. This is how the brews are characterized.

Malty backbone- this kind of beer has a full malt taste. This has a fruity flavor and a caramel flavor as well. It also has a highly aromatic pine and tropical fruits.

Bold, citric, herbal- this has a heavily intense type of flavored hops that also including citrus, tropical and resin.

3. Malt- the malt has a dominating type of flavor profile. What you will expect is a degree of more sweetness with deep malt notes of toffee, nuts, toast, caramel, and fruits.

4. Roast- most of these brews are roasted which have a coffee and cocoa flavors. This has a very rich dark appearance, and it also has a mouth feels.

5. Smoke- this comes to a deeper to darker brown and has a range of medium to light in above. Compared to other types of beer, this has a milder brew and are often not dramatic.

6. The fruit and spice- obviously, this is made out of fruits and spices. Its flavors do accentuate which makes the beer very tasty.

7. Funky and tart- this is the kind of beer that is sour and also shows a rustic, wine and earthy notes.

Also, you can pair a beer with food that is rich in meat. Keep in mind to moderately consume beers as it can harm your health if you overly drink and pair it with fatty and salty foods.