Experimenting With Flavored Home Brewing

Perhaps you have noticed that different beer flavors are now out in the market. It comes with an apple, lemon and other beer products in Denver that you can purchase at any store. So, if you are a minor and you happened to be reading this article, keep in mind that beers are not sold to minors below 18 years old or according to the law in your country. This surely makes you curious as to how a beer can be flavored? Flavored beers became an interest to every individual especially to those who do consume beer occasionally.

In flavoring a beer, this is obtained from a yeast that contains dregs which are a product from brewing through solvent extraction or fractional distillation. This consists of oil that produces a very strong and intensive odor. Moreover, if you are strict with your diet, most of the beer flavors contain a very high caloric content which is why it should be taken moderately just the same with other traditional beers. However, there are alternative ways for you to home brew and add healthier choice of making beer flavors. Here are the following tips that you might consider making in your kitchen.

Add fruits, spices, and other herbs

These are the usual ingredients that you can play around in making homebrew. Anything that is fresh such as strawberries, basil leaves, vanilla beans and more can complement a beer. Be cautious though if you are experimenting because a little goes a long way. If you think the flavors aren’t that strong enough for you, perhaps add more according to your preferences.

Making a barrel-aged homebrew

Craft brew comes from an old bourbon barrel and stashes all the beer in a couple of months. For you to be able to replicate this kind of style is by soaking an oak cube into the kind of preferred liquor. Then add the oak chips and the oak cubes to the beer of your choice. Keep in mind that you do not need so much of these to your beer as it is enough to give an oaky flavor booze to your beer. If you want to extend the beer with an ounce of an oak cube, you can extend it more days before consuming.

Swapping the hops

These days the availability of hops comes in different variation, especially for homebrews. The good thing about hops is that it contains particular aroma and flavors which range from apricot, pineapple, wood, lemon zest and grapefruit pith. Swapping the hops according to your preferences and do not forget to measure the alpha acid percentage as this can make your beer taste bitter. There is a certain formula in swapping the hops for you to taste the overall bitterness of the beer.

Swap the yeast

There are ways for you to make a flavored homebrew which is a little bit different compared to the traditional process of fermenting a beer and you don’t have to use such pairings to make a flavored beer.

Each of these ways of making a flavored beer, take few days or so before you can completely consume it. Therefore, following its exact calculations in making a homebrew is important otherwise you’ll have bitter and strong tasting beers.