Importance of Not Selling Beers to Minors

There are certain rules and regulations for every business to follow especially in selling beers to the public. Yes, it tastes so good, but this have an effect that most people know. Consuming too much is not good because of its adverse effects which are why beers are not sold to minors. Regardless if you are a new drinker or have been drinking alcoholic beverages for a long period do have the same effect. However, its difference is that if you are used to drinking beer, you will develop a tolerance which makes you consume more beer compared to those who are new drinkers.

Business stores must be strict and aware especially in serving alcoholic beverages to their consumers. You should take full responsibility ensuring that you are not selling to minors. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t sell alcohol to minors or to those who are an obvious intoxicated person. Here are the following.

  1. Availability- keep in mind that alcohol is said to be a legal drug that is only sold to ages 21 years old and above. This depends on the law in your country, so it is best that you do research the exact age to avoid selling of alcoholic beverages to minors.
  2. Leading cause of death- there is health reports wherein beer can cause death among young people. It is conscience to sell alcohol to a minor, and you may contribute to the cause of the death as well.
  3. Responsibility- keep in mind that it is your full responsibility to protect your business. As much as possible, always ask for an identification card to people who ought to buy beer in your store.

What will happen if you can sell alcohol to minors?

Whether it is unknowingly or unintentionally selling alcohol to a minor, is going to pay fines due to the violation. This is according to the law in your city. If you happened to sell it to an obviously intoxicated individual, this is actually under misdemeanor which is a criminal case that is punishable by law under an amount of thousands of money.

Make sure that you know all the rules and regulations. It is best that you partake in training for sellers so that you will have an update regarding the selling of products to different types of people especially consuming alcohol.

How are you going to assess for individuals who look 26 years old and above? Here are the following hints:

  • Do not just rely on the appearance or the identification card presented. Assess further whether he or she is suitable to have a beer. Keep in mind that there are minors who may appear older due to the beard for male minors.
  • Behavior- there is some that are good in acting and behaving so might as well establish rapport while you feel that he or she is a minor.
  • Ask for an identification card. Keep in mind that this can be laminated as fake. It is best that you examine the letters if they are all the same. Is there any alteration made?

It only takes one rule to follow, and the rest is up to your discretion on how you’re going to protect your business from failing because you have sold one beer to a minor.