Denver Beer Tasting

Hooray Beer Fest!

Denver and beers go back a long way in around 1850s, the city’s founding time. Denver’s long beer history gave rise to a population filled with beer lovers. This included some of the people who could go to the extent of selling and also brewing their own beverages.

From the Guinness book of world records, the great American beer festival was the biggest of the beer events ever held. The event was held in mile high city annually in Denver beer festivals.

The event offers city wide celebration of beer, with parties, rare beer tastings and much more. This event was founded in around 1980 and has been evolving and growing along with the brewing industry of American craft. This event has been since that time, voted as the number one beer festival ever held in the country.

The great American beer festival and the Denver match without a glitch. The event is not only encouraged in the mile high city but also in the world’s highest breweries like Coors Brewery and Wynkoop Brewing company. The highest number of home brewers also attends and like the festival.

Plenty of events are carried out in the festival including; brewery tours, beer tasting at local Denver restaurants, meet the brewer nights, beer paired dinners, a variety of entertaining beer events and beer tapping. There is even some non-beer related information there too. Last year, Melinda Kirby (a veterinarian in the area) did a presentation on beer and dogs! She wasn’t recommending you get your dog drunk but it was a very interesting presentation.

Great American beer festival event seems to get bigger every year. For example, the 2016 festival event was attended by around 610000 attendees who sampled around 3700 beers from United States. The event covered 400000 square feet of Colorado convention center.

Many of the beers in the event are served by their brewers. This gives some of the attendees to meet United States biggest beer heroes. In this event, there are two types of competitions namely general and pro-am competition. Pro-am competition is in which a commercial craft brewers submit beers which are created from award-winning homebrew recipe of American homebrewers association.

The general competition is in which a professional judging panel evaluates all the entries during the five three-hour ever the three days period of the event.

Other Denver events include but not limited to; rock and roll Denver marathon and half marathon, Oktoberfest and Boo at Zoo.

The great American brewers’ festival is the granddaddy of all the United States beer festivals. The event offers the largest collection of beers, all served in single tasting portions.


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