History of Craft Beer!

Craft beer simply refers to the artisan approach of making beer. For many of us, we perceive the rise of the craft beer in the US as a recent thing. For those who like products from breweries like Anheuser-Busch and the like, the craft beer might feel like a new novelty. Well, it is not. Craft beer has a lengthy history in the United States dating back to the colonial times. Here is a look at a few interesting facts about the history of craft beer that will give you an idea of our brewing heritage.

1. Beer Was Discovered Before the Colonies

One of the most surprising facts that you don’t know about beer is that it was actually being brewed here in the US even before the very European settlers set his foot on the continent. A few native tribes in America had a special way of making beer. The special concoction they had used maize corn, water, and sap from the birch tree to make brew a primitive form of beer.

2. Colonial Times

Another interesting fact about craft history is that during one of the pilgrimage the pilgrims made a decision to land at Plymouth Rock because they were running of beer, not because it was their destination. During that period, brewing had become a major activity of the budding nation. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington (as well as the most of the founding fathers) were also alcoholics and they used to brew their own beer. It is during this period breweries were opened all around the nation.

3. Prohibition Didn’t Manage to Kill Brewing

Beer crafting in America was a dark period for beer lovers. This thing lasted for about fourteen years and during that period you had to go to great lengths to get a cold brew and enjoy. However, beer prohibition failed to kill beer crafting and now it has been taken as a part of American culture.

4. Prohibition Repeal and the Future

Finally, with prohibition repeal, beer crafting was again available and legal to Americans. The growth after it was prohibited was gradually growing even though. It took a long period of time for beer crafting to recover from those years when it was an illegal substance in America. Right now things are looking a bit good. Currently, in the United States, there are almost two thousand craft breweries and there, even more, brewers entering the market every day.



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